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Our Services


Agency/Property Brokerage

Our property brokerage services cover representation of property owners/buyers (individuals, institutional investors, or corporate entities) in their sales, purchase and leasing transactions.

Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of professional real estate consultancy services such as  real estate due diligence services, portfolio services, sale/lease advisory services and real estate market study, to mention but a few.

Property Management

Our property management services are tailored to suit individual property needs and peculiarities. These include:

– Property management functions such as rent collection, routine and general maintenance

– Sourcing and ensuring that only credible tenants are accommodated

– Giving advice on property optimization as need arises.

Real Estate Marketing

We focus on helping people find their dream homes and thereby engage the services of independent marketing consultants to advertise/market estate properties in our portfolio.

Real Estate Development

We provide our clients with ultimate real estate experience by helping them to build their dream homes, engaging the expertise of appropriate professionals from beginning of the project to the end.




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